Consultation event

As a user-led organisation, feedback from our service users and volunteers is important to us. At our last consultation event we were pleased to hear some positive feedback and suggestions on how we can grow our services in the future.

As part of the consultation, people was asked to share what they valued about our services. Key responses included:

“Didn’t judge, was understanding, made things happen, listened and made them feel they were not on their own”

“Friendly, non-judgemental, gave you the feeling that you were taking part in something, positive in making things happen, fulfilling and sociable”

The consultation also looked specifically at our RON+ project and what people thought was good about it. Some of the things identified are as follows:

  • The service was friendly, non-judgmental with an understanding approach with empathetic, supportive and approachable advisors.
  • People felt supported, valued and not made to feel fake and were identified as a whole regardless of their disability.
  • The bringing together of like-minded people who were in similar circumstances really was seen as a very strong and positive part of the project, reducing isolation through the creation of social activities.
  • The project boosted confidence and led to people getting involved in activities, volunteering, earning qualifications and gaining employment.
  • People really valued the quality of advice they received and help with understanding forms

We are always delighted to receive such positive feedback and we’ll use it to shape our services going forward.