D2N2 Money Sorted

D2N2 Money Sorted

The D2N2 Money Sorted Project aims to tackle the issue of financial exclusion across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The Project is funded by the Big Lottery and the European Social Fund. The aim of the project is to make participants financially independent by helping them improve their financial skills and helping them get access to mainstream financial products.

We try and help participants address debts, teach them how to budget, try and reduce their outgoings and maximise their incomes as well as teaching them about the various advice organisations who can assist them free of charge. We offer ongoing support until a participant feels confident to manage their finances independently (usually around 6 months).

In order to be eligible for the project a client must be registered unemployed (JSA or ESA) or economically inactive (pensioner, student, not receiving any income etc.) and must have some form of disability or a long standing health condition.

We offer one to one sessions with a money advisor who will work with you to achieve your financial goals, throughout the course of the project.


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