Purple Tuesday – 13th November 2018

Purple Tuesday on 13th November 2018 will be the UK’s first accessible shopping day. It is a call to action to the wider retail industry (including shopping centres and landlords) to better understand the needs of their existing and future disabled customers and commit to making lasting changes to their shopping experience. More information and… Read more »

Thank you to 34SP.com

A special thanks to 34SP.com for supporting our charity through free hosting for another year!

Nottinghamshire Victim CARE

Nottinghamshire is a safe place to live, work and visit, and your chances of becoming a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour are low. But for those that are, the effects can vary greatly. For some, there is little or no impact beyond the immediate financial or physical effects. However for some people it can… Read more »

A Message from Lorna Carter (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

“It’s very sad that we have had to close our long established office on Rosemary Street in Mansfield. We are facing some serious funding problems at the moment. Unfortunately funding cuts across the voluntary and community sector are not uncommon at this time. The results of this have impacted on our work, and we have… Read more »

New Volunteer Opportunity

Our Voice Community Choir are currently looking for someone to lead them in song. If you play the piano and/or have experience of leading a choir please contact Robyn on 01623 625891 or robyn@disabilitynottinghamshire.org.uk. The role would only require commitment of a couple of hours a week, currently on a Thursday morning. More information on… Read more »

Consultation event

As a user-led organisation, feedback from our service users and volunteers is important to us. At our last consultation event we were pleased to hear some positive feedback and suggestions on how we can grow our services in the future. As part of the consultation, people was asked to share what they valued about our… Read more »

Robin Hood lottery

Robin Hood Lottery is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in Mansfield district. All good causes supported by the lottery will benefit Mansfield district and its residents. Play the lottery, support Mansfield district – it’s that simple! Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week. Each ticket has a 1 in… Read more »

Goodbye to the R.O.N. + Project

It is with sadness and celebration that we say farewell to the RON + project. Sadness because it is the end of a well-used and successful project and celebration because we have successfully been able to advise and help over a thousand people during the lifetime of the scheme. We have been able to assist… Read more »

Change to Personal Independence Payment criteria January 2017

In March 2017 the DWP changed the criteria for the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment. A Court has recently decided that the DWP shouldn’t have amended the criteria in this way and the criteria for the mobility component has reverted to how they were originally. The Secretary of State, Ester McVey, has made a statement to… Read more »

Thank you to Remploy

Thank you to Remploy for the generous donation of £500.00. The monies donated will be used to support people with disabilities living locally so Remploy really have made a difference in people’s lives. More information about Remploy can be found on their website: http://www.remploy.co.uk/