We can undertake access audits on a range of areas, functions or services from buildings to parks to public space to literature to websites.

Utilising the skills and knowledge of volunteers who have a lived experience of a disability and undertaken relevant training to carry out access audits, we can offer organisations or individuals an affordable package to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and Part M of Building Regulations. Please call us to discuss how we might be able to assist and meet your requirements.

Access consultancy and advice

We can advise you on designing, managing and incorporating the requirements of people with impairments or long term health conditions into whatever scheme it is you’re planning.

From start to finish, our design appraisal methodology will consider each step of the process by putting an individual with personal experience of disability at the centre of the process.

Whether you’re thinking about building a new facility or premises, or you’re considering a refurb to an existing site, we can shape our services to meet your requirements.

Access audits

We approach all our audits from the viewpoint of the disabled person or carer, building a report based on their experience and interaction with the service and/or space.

Our most recent work includes Newark Bus Station, Ashfield Green Flag Parks and Ashfield District Council main offices in Kirkby which has helped inform the respective organisations on where improvements to facilities, management, policy or procedures can be made to give those with disabilities, long term health conditions or carers a better experience.

Quote from client: “This is a really useful report that will support our improvement plan, so thanks very much. It’s good to see the organisation from a different perspective as you do not necessarily notice these things when you see them day to day”.

Access statements

A good access statement will help people to make an informed choice about visiting your premises. By making people aware of how accessible your business, facility or service is to anyone who has access needs, will show how you have considered access and worked towards improving it for everyone.

Strategic planning

We can help you consider access for disabled people when designing, developing and delivering your services or business. The built environment will form part of the evaluation but we will also look at your policy, management and training to creative a comprehensive report, based on a whole organisation approach, to disability and carers.

Be part of your design team

Appointing an access design consultant can help you to get things right first time, mitigate customer complaints and reduce costly alterations after building works have been completed.