Befriending Service

What is befriending? 

Our telephone befriending service is designed to provide individuals with companionship and support through one-to-one social interaction.   

Befriending offers supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders to people who would otherwise be socially isolated. Many factors can lead to feelings of isolation, particularly in the community we at Disability Nottinghamshire represent, those with disabilities and/or complex health needs. 

This free service is provided by trained volunteers who give their time to offer companionship, trust, and conversation.  

Matches with our Befrienders are designed to last 6 months, though may be extended depending on circumstances. 

If, on contact, together we find this service may not be suitable for you. We will endeavour to support you to find what you need.  

Is this service right for me? 

Our services are here for people with disabilities and/or complex health needs who’d like to talk to someone. You don’t need to be experiencing loneliness or isolation (though if you are, we’d like to help). Sometimes it’s just nice to talk.  

This service may be right for you if: 

  • You have a disability and/or complex health need. 
  • Are a carer, friend, or family member of individual with person with disability and/or other complex health needs. 
  • Live in the Nottinghamshire area (excluding Nottingham City). 
  • Are experiencing social isolation and/or loneliness.  

Following a referral, you can expect to receive an introductory letter, welcome phone call and start our matching process. 

Referrals can be made by:  

  • External agencies and professionals, such as Social Prescribers. 
  • Internal referral from one of our advisors. 
  • Friends and family. 
  • Yourself! 

Want to refer someone or yourself? 

Contact us by phone on our: 

Advice line: 01623 625 891 

Or via email:  

Want to be a volunteer Befriender? 

Are you a good listener and want to make a positive difference? You could be a great befriender! 

Check out the befriender role description on our volunteering page under the Opportunities tab for more information. 


Who can be a befriender?  

We want to make sure everything’s safe and secure, so before you receive a call from your befriender we will have:  

  • Provided two successful references.  
  • Completed a DBS check.   
  • Attended induction training sessions on confidentiality and safeguarding practices.   

Are my personal details and phone number safe?  

Yes. We will only use your contact details for our records and for the befriender service, they will not be shared with any additional parties.  

What if I don’t get along with my match?  

Sometimes it may take time to build a relationship with your telephone befriending match. You’ll have been matched on your shared interests, so we recommend having a few calls before making a judgment.  

We are always open to discussing options available and reviewing matches.