Impact of our work

Impact of our work

As a User Led Organisation (ULO), we champion the voice of those seldom heard; challenging perceptions and changing attitudes.

We promote equality and inclusion for those we represent by building relationships with key policy makers, commissioners and professionals who can influence the way in which services are designed and delivered. Through our networks with service users and other organisations we can become a stronger voice collectively.

These are some of the areas in which we encourage, and works towards, creating a level playing field for individuals living within local communities to tackle inequality:

  • Money maximisation
  • Worklessness – employability, training and development
  • Poverty – visible and hidden
  • Social inclusion
  • Isolation and loneliness

We adopt an empower and enable approach when supporting individuals. By informing people of their choices, from an independent, impartial and objective point of view, enabling them to make informed decisions about their lives.

Key statistics
  • 75%+ of our trustees have a disability, long term health condition, care for someone or have personal experience of disability
  • 1,800 enquiries per year
  • Over £2,500,000 in actual benefit gains each year
  • 30 volunteers contributing 7,800 hours equating to £155,000 in-kind last year
  • Average age of client is 54 but ranges from 1 to 104
  • High satisfaction with our services
  • Increased footprint across Nottinghamshire through proactive advertising, promotion and partnership working
  • Pan-disability organisation supporting people with a range of multiple and complex health and medical conditions
  • Access to a wide range of training and development for volunteers, users and members
  • High success rate at appeals and tribunals after our intervention
  • Peer mentors supporting individuals from marginalised communities to achieve their life goals and play a more active role in society
Client feedback

“The level of support & knowledge led me to be more confident in tackling benefit issues. I could not have met a more helpful, knowledgeable advisor”

“I chose to contact Disability Nottinghamshire for help and advice as I know they understand what it means to live with a disability”

“Simply having a Radar Key and Blue Badge has widened our horizons!”

Influencing factors

Welfare reforms have created increased demand for our services over the last 12 months. The majority of changes have reduced people’s income, negatively affecting their standard of living, which include:

  • The acceleration of transfer from the old incapacity benefits to employment and support allowance (ESA)
  • 365 day limit to awards of employment and support allowance.
  • Localised Council Tax support schemes
  • Size related criteria in the social housing sector (bedroom tax)
  • New disability benefit personal independence payment
  • Abolition of the social fund (Notts Welfare Assistance Fund)

There has also been a contraction or closure of other services and organisations across Nottinghamshire resulting in fewer options for people to seek the type of support we provide.

Case study

Mr S is 74 yrs old and lives with his 75 year old wife the house that they own. They had worked all of their lives and had never claimed any type of benefit.

Their health had recently deteriorated and whilst they had some savings, they were struggling financially. Initially they were hesitant to look at claiming any benefits at all, eventually after several advice sessions we were able to assist them with a claim for attendance allowance. With the addition of Carers allowance, this led to a claim for Pension credit and assistance with council tax. Because of our assistance they received an extra £192.60 per week.


Demand for services has never been greater and the charity could not operate without the financial support of all of the donors. The hard work and dedication of both a small staff team and the many volunteers contributes in so many ways to the success of the charity.