Disability training and consultancy

Disability training and consultancy

We can carry out studies, research and consultancy on a range of topics relating to disability, caring, services, policy, strategy and communications.

We can also offer you various training opportunities, delivered by people who have a lived experience or firsthand knowledge of disability and caring. We have been operating for 30 years, previously as DIAL Mansfield & District, and have been delivering training to private, public, charitable and voluntary organisations over this time. We use a variety of methods on our training to engage participants from videos, workshops, group discussions, quizzes and role play.

  • Equality and diversity including the Equality Act 2010
  • Disability awareness – Dispelling the myths, learning the facts and gaining a better understanding
  • Social model of disability vs medical model
  • Accessible places and spaces – Practical Access Audits
  • Welfare benefits e.g. Personal Independent Payments (PIP), Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Carers Allowance etc…
  • Appeals and tribunals for welfare benefits
  • Taxi’s and public transport – Access, quality, your rights
  • Support planning – Empower and enable approach to person centered planning
  • Brokerage – Understanding your choices, making informed decisions
  • Self directed support and personalisation – Personal budgets
  • Being the Boss – Taking control and living independently
  • User Led Organisations (ULO’s) – ethos, engagement, involvement, overcoming challenges and barriers, and sustainability

Cost:  Depending on requirements, content and numbers, cost will vary but is competitive and goes towards supporting a user led charity

Duration:  Half-day or full-day

Location:  Various accessible venues across the County or workplaces