RADAR keys offer disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.

RADAR keys are available to purchase for £4.50 from our office. Please bring in evidence of your disability such as a Blue Badge, alternatively we will require you to sign a declaration. Alternatively, we can post one out to you for £6 including postage and packaging. Please call us for more details.

To find the nearest RADAR key toilet you can look at the toilet map website which show the location of toilets at any place you are visiting.

Or if you have a smartphone, you can download the mobile app version. Search for RADAR or NKS on your app store.

We have also produced a guide on accessible toilets in Nottinghamshire which can be found on our access guide page.