Welfare Benefits

Welfare benefits

The biggest challenges people face when it comes to benefits are understanding their options and the consequences of any decisions or changes they might make.

We can empower you to make informed decisions about your life by giving you confidential advice and impartial choices. Volunteer and user led, this service is run by people with disabilities or caring experience for others in the community.

Client quote: “Help was hard to find! We wasted a lot of time ringing various places for an appointment but many had lengthy waiting times. Nobody could help us, only Disability Nottinghamshire helped”.

Please note: we cannot guarantee any form completed with an advisor will be successful. We can only assist you in thinking about the questions they are asking from an independent and impartial position.

Need help filling in a form?

We can help. Appointments can be made to visit an advisor at our office in Mansfield Woodhouse on Park Road who’ll answer any questions you have and help you to fill in the forms. Our appointment times fill up quickly so please phone to make an advance booking as soon as possible. On average there is a 2 week waiting list but this might increase during busy periods. We cannot help anyone complete a form who does not have an appointment.

Client quote: “I found the forms overwhelming and was so grateful for the help I received. I would have given up if I had not received your help”.

Are you receiving everything you are entitled to?

The world of benefits can be a tricky one to navigate. We can help you by carrying out a benefits check on your current situation to work out if you are receiving everything you are entitled to receive, and whether you would be better off by applying for something different or staying as you are.

Welfare rights

We can advise and provide information on any aspect of welfare rights including benefits, grants, work, social care, health services, access, education, transport etc…

Our advisors

Generally, our advisors either have a disability or personal experience of disability or caring. They all receive a high standard of training, which is updated regularly and if they can’t help you, they’ll know someone who can.

Demand on our service is high so we’re always on the lookout for new volunteers wishing to become advisors. Full training and support is provided. Please see our volunteering pages for more information.